<strong>Leveraging big data analytics and AI to save lives</strong>
  • Abu Dhabi Government

    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Leveraging big data analytics and AI to save lives

When COVID-19 hit, Presight’s data scientists and engineers began working closely with the authorities in Abu Dhabi to setup a contact tracing and pandemic management system - the biggest in the region.

1. Quick turnaround time to address immediate requirements
2. Create a platform that can be used and accessed by multiple authorities with different areas of focus, to derive insights

Presight developed a smart pandemic management platform that tapped into big data. This data was analyzed using Presight’s proprietary algorithms and powered by AI to generate daily pandemic reports to the country’s leadership and public healthcare authorities.

The actionable insights provided by the platform allowed authorities to take swift, strategic, and critical decisions that resulted in greatly minimizing the impact of the outbreak and ultimately saving lives.