G42 Cloud, combining the latest generation cloud infrastructure with its parent group’s AI capabilities, introduces cloud certifications for UAE enterprises, both large and small, across the banking, government, and consulting sectors.

As cloud computing technology evolves rapidly and more businesses are looking at a migration strategy, IT professionals need to upskill themselves to better design, deploy and manage cloud-based applications. Today, cloud technology has moved beyond the early adopters and has become the de-facto platform for organizations to optimize operations and improve performance. Hence, the skills required to manage the cloud have also changed remarkably, creating an increasing demand for certifications, by both individuals and organizations.

Given this demand, G42 Cloud launches its ‘G42 Cloud Certified Associate’ (GCCA) training & certificate program, which includes a final examination, offering IT architects, engineers and professionals a deeper understanding of its cloud architecture and ecosystem. The certification also covers G42 Cloud’s storage, network, security, and monitoring services, among others. The overall course can be completed in 3 full days or longer depending on availability and has already certified over 100 individuals from leading organizations across diverse sectors including Accenture, Injazat, Bespin & Securetech (with many more in the pipeline).

The G42 Cloud certifications enable organizations to obtain advanced cloud training from one of the region’s most trusted cloud providers. G42 Cloud offers full data sovereignty with air-gapped solutions, rapid scaling, and over 100MW capacity with 24/7 on-demand support, designed to make organizations more intuitive, agile and efficient. 

For more information about GCCA and other G42 Cloud certifications, please contact training@g42cloud.ai.

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