Our Story

Our Story

We are a new-age company that tackles some of the 21st century’s biggest challenges.

Presight was born in 2020 at a time of extraordinary pressures facing the nation and humanity at large. A broad spectrum of areas of the economy were suddenly confronted with previously unseen challenges for which current thinking and solutions were no match and could not provide the necessary solutions. Overcoming such hurdles requires tackling massive complexity through a trailblazing attitude.

By combining the power of big data, analytics, and AI expertise, Presight catalyzes information and generates previously-unidentified insight that enables every sector of every scale to solve today’s challenges and convert them into opportunities to enable lifelong human advancement.

By harnessing its power and rapidly growing range of capabilities, Presight equips highly-influential key decision makers with the right tools and timely information that converts them to drivers of new age solutions that create broad and far-reaching impact.

Presight is now a public company, having been listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange on March 27, 2023. We have a footprint in 14 countries, and our client list is continually growing across the globe.

Our Focus

Our Focus

Our focus is on staying committed to creating high value and impact, with the aim of elevating technology and businesses across all sectors of society.

We strive ...

So that people can have better citizen experiences and live better lives

So that financial risk can be managed,allowing people and organizations to be at peace

So that urban life becomes an enabler for advancement without taxing the environment

So that athletes can achieve higher levels of performance and fans can have a richer experience

So that businesses and governments can convert planet-stressing actions into environmental regeneration

So that students can learn better and contribute more quickly and effectively to economic and societal progress

Our Purpose & Values

Our Purpose & Values

Our Purpose is…

AI powered problem solving to enable lifelong human advancement

Our Values are…

We create progress through pioneering action

We make smart & swift decisions every time

We welcome challenges with curious minds & open arms

We collaborate and challenge with empathy