ASTANA, Kazakhstan, July 4th, 2023 – Presight, the region’s leading big data analytics company powered by artificial intelligence, is attending the two-day Forum of Mayors held in Astana, Kazakhstan, to lead discussions and offer guidance to governments on how to build and develop smart cities. The Forum of Mayors is a collaborative vehicle for the sharing of best practices in urban development, digital transformation and city planning.

Aptly occurring during the 25th anniversary of its name change to Astana – the City of the Future, the event is being attended by H.E. The President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, alongside many other esteemed guests, including Minister of Digital Development, Bagdat Mussin; and mayors of major cities in Europe and Central Asia. Over the two days, participants at the forum will visit Astana International Financial Center, IT and startup center Astana Hub in Technology Park, the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Project Institute of City Construction, and Astana Opera to hold conversations around the challenges and opportunities of smart cities in the region.

“We are honored to participate in the Forum of Mayors and grateful for the invitation to the panel,” stated Thomas Pramotedham, CEO of Presight. “Astana is poised to become a leading city of the future, showcasing the adoption of smart city analytics and technologies and setting global benchmarks. At Presight, we are fully committed to leveraging big data analytics and AI technologies to empower public agencies in improving citizen services, implementing data-driven policies, enhancing public safety, and enabling efficient digital identity management. We are excited to share our knowledge and contribute to this transformation.”

Day 2 of the event will feature a plenary session with President Tokayev. This will be followed by Deputy Mayor Erlan Berkumrzaey moderating a panel discussion in which Presight’s CEO will speak on digitalization and smart city trends. Mr Pramotedham will be joined on the panel by ministers and mayors, as well as the Chairwoman of KazPost, Assel Zhanasova, and venture investor and founder of the MOST business incubator, Pavel Koktyshev.

Presight’s participation builds on the company’s commitment to the Republic of Kazakhstan and follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Astana Hub, the largest international technology park for IT startups in Central Asia, in January this year and the ‘Presight AI Innovation Day’ held in April in support of startups from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, and Central Asia.

About Presight AI

Presight AI, an ADX-listed public company limited by shares whose majority shareholder is Abu Dhabi company G42, is the region’s leading big data analytics company powered by Artificial Intelligence (“AI”). It combines big data, analytics, and AI expertise to serve every sector, of every scale, to create business and positive societal impact. With its world-class computer vision, AI and omni-analytics platform as its engine, Presight excels at all-source data interpretation to support insight-driven decision-making that shapes policy and creates safer, healthier, happier, and more sustainable societies.

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