Digital Identity Management and Biometrics AI solution

Digital Identity Management and Biometrics AI solution

Presight has teamed with TOTM Technologies to deliver Digital Identity Management and Biometrics AI solutions to our customers in the MENACA region. Our combined technologies aim to elevate the digital ecosystem and drive customers' digital transformation journey in this space, resulting in long-term and sustainable value.

TOTM provides end-to-end identity management and biometrics products, powering Digital identity and Digital onboarding solutions. It includes NIST-rated core biometrics matching software proven in ultra-large-scale identity deployments.

TOTM's IDora family of products offers proven, secure, positive proof of identity for National ID systems, Border Clearance, Digital Identity for onboarding and KYC, and Access to both your physical and cloud assets and many more.

The ConOps can be online or offline, desktop or mobile, cooperative or surveillance to suit different use-cases.

With IDora Digital ID , your biometrics becomes the secure trusted key to a digital portal that unlocks infinite possibilities in mobility, finance, healthcare, retail, travel & hospitality. Your first step towards realising untapped socio-economic growth in the real world, whilst future-proofing your organisation's digital transformation.

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