We are immensely proud to announce the official inauguration of the Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Public Safety in Maldives, a groundbreaking initiative powered by Presight.

The CoE was officially opened on 20 July 2023 by H.E Dr. Mohamed Al Kuwaiti, Head of Cyber Security, the Government of UAE, who was the Chief Guest, Mohamed Hameed, Police Commissioner, Maldives, Imran Abdullah, Minister of Home Affairs, Maldives and attended by Xiaodong Zhou, CTO.

The Maldives Police Service aims to enhance public safety further by leveraging Presight’s AI and machine learning-powered big data analytics, ensuring a more secure future for all Maldivians.

H.E. Dr. Mohamed Al Kuwaiti, Head of the Cyber Security Council for the Government of the United Arab Emirates, remarked, “Based on the great relationship between Maldives and UAE, this CoE for public safety comes as a great symbol of such a relationship. It will not only serve as an enabler for safety and security, but it will also accelerate various social and economic aspects. With the advanced cutting-edge technologies, it covers, this CoE will be the seed to drive innovation and improve digital transformation across various sectors.”

Adding to these sentiments, the Commissioner of the Maldives Police, Mohamed Hameed, stated, “Our ultimate objective through these endeavours is to make our country one of the safest and most secure nations in the world. We understand that these aspirations can only be achieved by placing the welfare of our citizens at the forefront of our efforts. In light of this, embracing technological advancements is not merely a strategic choice; rather, it is a responsibility we owe to you, the public we serve.”

Congratulations to the Maldives and its citizens on achieving this remarkable milestone!

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