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Dubai, UAE; February 22, 2023: Presight AI, a G42 company, and the region’s leading big data analytics company powered by artificial intelligence (“AI”), today announced its participation in the World Police Summit, the leading global event for national security and policing, taking place at the World Trade Centre in Dubai from March 7 to 9, 2023.

This second edition of the World Police Summit will bring together international police chiefs, law enforcement leaders, intergovernmental entities, and the private sector – including leaders in technology – to foster partnerships and collaborate to address the evolving dynamics of public safety and security.

During the summit, Presight will showcase three cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize city safety and security, including “Video Analytics,” a comprehensive and powerful platform that combines and analyzes data from fragmented standalone systems and data sources. The product leverages the AI ecosystem and advanced analytic techniques to provide valuable insights that enable informed decisions based on analytical data and reports.

Another featured technology will be the “Presight Forensic Lab,” an AI-powered data analysis product designed to process unstructured media content from digital devices, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, servers, and more. Using advanced machine learning models and sophisticated algorithms, the lab efficiently searches, reprioritizes, categorizes and enhances the content stored on devices, including images, videos, audio recordings, documents and mobile databases. Its remarkable capabilities are a valuable tool for law enforcement professionals and forensic investigators.

Additionally, Presight will showcase “Aliengo Robot,” a police robodog for terrain exploration and inspection. The robodog adopts an integrated design and discrete foothold allowing it to operate smoothly on various terrains, from rugged gravel and grassland roads to steep stairwells. It uses 3D imaging to quickly produce high-definition plans and 3D model maps of target areas.

Xiaodong Zhou, Presight’s Chief Technology Officer, will be speaking on a panel titled “Police Innovation 2025: measuring the success of innovation and technology projects in policing and law enforcement.” Mr. Zhou will share his expertise and insights on the role played by big data analytics in effective decision-making from a policing perspective.

Thomas Pramotedham, CEO of Presight said, “We believe that big data analytics powered by AI will help shape the next generation of policing and help make the world a safer place. With evolving challenges, and to meet increasingly complex demands, policing and law enforcement agencies are adopting next-generation techniques. The World Police Summit provides a valuable platform for us to understand these challenges further and collaborate with the key stakeholders of the law enforcement ecosystem.

About Presight AI

Presight AI, a G42 company, is the region’s leading big data analytics company powered by AI. It combines big data, analytics, and AI expertise to serve every sector, of every scale, to create business and positive societal impact. With its world-class computer vision, AI and omni-analytics platform as its engine, Presight leverages all-source data to support insight-driven decision making that shapes policy and creates safer, healthier, happier, and more sustainable societies.

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