Nairobi, Kenya – May 22, 2023 – Presight, a G42 company and the region’s leading big data analytics company powered by artificial intelligence, and TOTM Technologies, a global leader in identity management and biometrics, today announced that they will be exhibiting together at ID4Africa 2023. The event will take place from May 23-25 at the Edge Convention Center in Nairobi, Kenya.

Presight and TOTM Technologies will be showcasing their joint capabilities in providing end-to-end digital identity solutions which enable agencies to verify users on-the-go based on AI matching of biodata. The companies will also be demonstrating how their solutions can help governments in the African region achieve their digital transformation goals.

Thomas Pramotedham, CEO of Presight said, “We are excited to be participating in ID4Afrcia to showcase how, in partnership with TOTM, a robust and dynamic digital identity platform is an essential cornerstone to developing a stronger and more inclusive, safer and resilient digital society. We will support governments across the African Continent with the adoption of digital identity solutions to help improve the lives of citizens now and in the future.”

Pierre Prunier, CEO of TOTM Technologies Limited said, “We’re eager to showcase the partnership Presight x TOTM would bring to the largest and most significant digital identity focused event in the African continent. As a platform, ID4Africa advocates identity-for-all and TOTM Technologies, alongside Presight, would demonstrate how the IDaaS has helped governments build economic growth and accelerate digital transformation around the world.”

Founded in 2014, ID4Africa is the only Pan-African Movement that helps African nations build their strategic capacity needed for developing robust and responsible identity ecosystems in the service of development and humanitarian action. Since its inception, ID4Africa has advocated identity-for-all, not just as a legal right (consistent with SDG 16.9) but as a practical necessity for access to services. The Movement believes inclusive identity schemes built on the respect of privacy and human rights are essential for economic growth and government digital transformation.                                                              

About Presight

Presight, an ADX-listed public company limited by shares whose majority shareholder is Abu Dhabi company G42, is the region’s leading big data analytics company powered by Artificial Intelligence (“AI”). It combines big data, analytics, and AI expertise to serve every sector, of every scale, to create business and positive societal impact.

With its world-class computer vision, AI and omni-analytics platform as its engine, Presight excels at all-source data interpretation to support insight-driven decision making that shapes policy and creates safer, healthier, happier, and more sustainable societies.

About TOTM Technologies Limited

TOTM Technologies Limited is a leading integrated solutions and services provider in identity management and biometric technology. 

Leveraging on its strong execution experience and the robust technology platforms from strategic technology partners, the Group’s solutions have been applied to leading public and private projects across North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Africa. Totm Technologies also manages and maintains one of the largest biometrics National ID databases in the world with over 200 million enrolled citizens.

The Group’s platforms are based on core, multimodal technologies, such as face, finger and iris biometrics, which are listed in the top tier of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) benchmarks. The Group is looking to expand its coverage to medical insurance, healthcare, banking electronic payments, transport, and telecommunications-related applications in the commercial sector. 

The Company was listed in August 2015 on the Catalist Board of the SGX-ST.

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