A strategic partnership to scale AI financial risk analytics for government and private sectors.

Presight.ai, the leading UAE-based AI and Big Data Analytics company, announced a strategic partnership with TrustDecision. This Strategic partnership agreement is to develop and deploy their combined technologies to provide AI-enabled big data analytics and digital intelligence, including operation, risk management, and antifraud financial services for governments and private sectors.

The partnership was signed during the week of GITEX Global in Dubai, at our G42 stand, by Dr Adel Al Sharji, Presight’s Chief Operating Officer, and Jackal Ma Chun Kui, Co-founder of TrustDecision Group in the presence of Thomas Pramotedham, Presight’s CEO. 

Dr Adel Al Sharji, Presight’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “With our big data analytics and AI-based financial service and TrustDecision’s technology and knowledge, this partnership is uniquely positioned to further develop cutting-edge offerings in the financial domain for our clients.  Together, we will utilize our technology, our hands-on experience in creating and deploying AI and ML models for our customers, and our in-depth knowledge of financial risk and antifraud management that comply with regulatory standards.  

We look forward to combining our expertise and unique strengths to deliver this high-performance, financial AI solutions to our clients.”

Jackal Ma Chun Kui, Co-founder of TrustDecision Group, said,” It has been my dream to take TrustDecision’s technology expertise into more countries, benefiting more lives, especially in emerging markets of the world. We are proud of our deep knowledge and vertical experience in next-generation data science, alternative data credit, and fraud/compliance analytics.

It is our honour to team up with a great group like Presight.ai. We believe that with the deep local knowledge and proven domain expertise that TrustDecision possesses, this alliance will be ground-breaking and profoundly impact the societies in the region.”

More pictures from the signing ceremony:

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