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First published in The National Advertorial

The recent launch of the Condor Galaxy supercomputer and the release of the world’s most advanced Arabic large language model, Jais, provide governments and organisations in the UAE, and the wider Middle East, with the opportunity to access the enormous potential of generative AI use cases, says Xiaodong Zhou, Chief Technology Officer of Presight.

Last month, the UAE achieved another significant milestone in its race for technology leadership as G42, the Abu Dhabi-based technology holding group and the majority stakeholder in Presight, announced the launch of Condor Galaxy, the world’s fastest AI training supercomputer, and Jais one of the most advanced Arabic LLMs ever developed.

Presight is committed to AI-powered complex problem-solving to enable lifelong human advancement and envisions that Generative AI, within the framework of enterprise AI, will bring transformative benefits to a diverse range of industries in the UAE and the wider region across sectors including finance, public services and sports.

The Condor Galaxy system can be a game-changer for organisations in terms of giving them access to the computing power they need to turn their data into powerful generative AI applications that address the specific needs of their sector.

In the finance sector, where the region boasts rapidly growing economies and a dynamic financial landscape, enterprise AI powered by generative models can play a pivotal role in data analysis and decision-making.

By processing extensive financial data specific to the region, AI algorithms can identify unique trends, predict market shifts and provide valuable insights for informed investment strategies. This technology can prove instrumental in managing risk, particularly in an environment where geopolitical factors can significantly impact financial markets.

Public services can also experience substantial enhancements through enterprise AI. As governments across the region prioritise digital transformation and citizen-centric services, AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can be integrated seamlessly to provide immediate responses to citizen inquiries, offer information about government programmes and facilitate administrative tasks. In countries with diverse populations and languages, the versatility of enterprise AI ensures that generative models can bridge communication gaps and improve accessibility to public services, fostering greater citizen engagement and satisfaction.

The region’s passion for sport is well-documented, and enterprise AI can amplify that enthusiasm by revolutionising sports analysis and performance. In sports such as football, cricket and camel racing, which hold immense cultural significance, AI algorithms can analyse player movements and match data to generate insights that can be used to enhance player and team performance.

Coaches and athletes can leverage these insights, supported by enterprise AI capabilities, to fine-tune training methods, optimise strategies and ultimately achieve greater success on the field, catering to the high expectations and fervour of the region’s sports enthusiasts.

With the introduction of large language models such as Jais, Presight’s enterprise solutions for finance can more effectively and rapidly review, analyse, and validate financial and legal documents in Arabic, speeding up due diligence and discovery processes and enabling organisations to get an accurate view of critical information. These solutions can be further extended to government agencies, healthcare, and even legal applications, unlocking new adoption opportunities for enterprise AI.

However, as the UAE and wider Middle East embrace enterprise AI and its generative capabilities, specific ethical issues must be addressed. Ensuring transparency, fairness and cultural sensitivity in AI-generated content and insights is paramount. Striking a balance between the potential of enterprise AI and preserving traditional values will be key to harnessing its full power in a way that aligns with the Middle East’s unique identity and aspirations.

Building on core AI foundations such as Condor Galaxy and Jais, Presight is able to integrate these technologies strategically, thoughtfully and responsibly to allow the region to tap into opportunities for data-driven financial strategies, citizen-centric public services and enhanced sports performance analysis, while harnessing the transformative potential of enterprise AI to drive innovation, economic growth and societal progress.

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