Presight signs MOU with Obvious Technologies to enhance Emergency Management through AI and Big Data Analytics

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, May 22, 2024: Presight, the region’s leading big data analytics company powered by generative artificial intelligence (AI), has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Obvious Technologies (OODA World) at the International Security National Resilience (ISNR) exhibition.

The partnership aims to revolutionize crisis, emergency, and disaster management through the integration of advanced data analytics and AI into emergency response systems. Presight, together with OODA World, will work towards establishing an ecosystem partnership that leverages their combined capabilities and analytical tools to improve prevention, preparation, response, and recovery in emergencies.

OODA World specializes in developing cutting-edge 3D data visualization, incident management, and command and control solutions. The MOU’s scope – which has an initial focus on crisis and emergency management – will pool resources, expertise, and technologies to enhance data-driven insights and decision-making in emergency situations. Further areas of the agreement include the development of advanced data analytics techniques and methodologies, and bespoke AI models tailored to complex crisis scenarios.

Thomas Pramotedham, CEO of Presight, said: ” The MOU between Presight and OODA World marks a important moment in the evolution of emergency management, demonstrating the transformative potential of big data analytics and AI in addressing complex challenges and improving operational efficiency. This collaboration represents a significant step towards creating a robust and responsive ecosystem that can effectively manage crises and emergencies, ultimately improving safety for citizens and communities across the region and beyond.”

Naoufal El Ouali, added: This strategic partnership between OODA World & Presight represents the continuation of a longstanding, trusted, and successful collaboration. With this new opportunity, we are eager to further harness the power of our respective ecosystems and our combined value proposition. Together, we aim to develop the next generation of crisis, emergency, and disaster management platforms, serving governments and citizens around the globe.


About Presight

Presight, an ADX-listed public company limited by shares whose majority shareholder is Abu Dhabi company G42, is the region’s leading big data analytics company powered by Artificial Intelligence (“AI”). It combines big data, analytics, and AI expertise to serve every sector, of every scale, to create business and positive societal impact. With its world-class computer vision, AI and omni-analytics platform as its engine, Presight excels at all-source data interpretation to support insight-driven decision-making that shapes policy and creates safer, healthier, happier, and more sustainable societies. For media enquiries, email:

About OODA World

OODA World is a fast-growing French tech company that merges gaming and operational knowledge with the mission of winning the war against time. OODA World is revolutionizing decision-making and action across multiple industries through its innovative software suite of solutions. Dedicated to simplifying actionable data, OODA World offers a 3D platform powered by cutting-edge technologies for data visualization and management in safer, citizen, and intelligent operational center environments. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Paris, OODA World has strengthened its presence in the Middle East and other regions, continuing to expand its global footprint and impact.

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